Freelance Digital Marketing / Social Media Expert

Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst
Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst

Who is Bailey?

I'm a digital marketing professional with a ​strong focus on social media marketing ​and content developmen​t​.

I have 5+ years of experience working w​ith both B2B and DTC brands, in-house ​and agency sid​e​.

Aside from freelancing, I hold a mid-sen​ior position at Bamboo as Marketing Manag​er, Demand Generatio​n.


Hard Skills

  • Social media content production and management
    • I love developing campaigns across social platforms, ​online content, testing new content styles, and executing ​campaigns efficiently.
  • Content marketing development
    • I enjoy writing and researching timely topics and industry ​news that helps provide value to customers and readers.
  • C​ommunity management
    • I​ love engaging with online communities, resolving c​ustomer inquiries, and creating a positive brand r​eputation for brands online.
  • S​trategy development and optimization
    • I​ enjoy building social media strategies, testing c​alendars, and reporting guidelines.
  • K​PI reporting and robust analytics
    • I​ lean heavily on reporting and ensuring my work is s​caling up to company goals and that content and e​ngagement tests are being measured properly.
Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst
Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst

Soft Skills

  • Time management
    • I manage time efficiently, work to optimize ​whenever possible, and always consider how my ​work affects the business goals.
  • Communication
    • I ensure clarity, conciseness, and next steps ​through any email, Slack, phone or video ​communication.
  • Teamwork
    • I love collaborating, meeting new teams, and ​understanding different working styles.
  • Self-starter with a strong desire to learn
    • I take initiative and work to problem solve.
  • Willingness to ask questions
    • I'm not afraid to ask for help or clarification when ​need be.


Danica Janae, Influencer (@bynicalina)

"I am so happy to have worked with Bailey. She is the reason ​why I have been able to work with so many brands around the ​world. I finally became a Revolve Girl because of her, I got to ​work with hundreds of brands and develop relationships with ​a lot of them, and every week felt like a Christmas morning ​with all the packages rolling through.

I'm beyond grateful to have worked with someone who ​dedicated her time to the growth of my personal brand and ​my business. I'm grateful for the sprinkles of updates she ​would send per month along with quick updates via iMessage. ​I believe she was the catalyst to my start in being a "serious" ​influencer because of all that she's done."

Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst
Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst

Derek Neuts, Founder of IronGlove Studio

"Bailey freelanced for my company to fill client needs in ​social media management and pay-per-click campaigns. ​Her knowledge of this industry is rich and she's on-point ​with current trends and assessments of actionable ​deficits that can be improved. She's a pleasure to work ​with and could interface with our clients professionally, ​thoughtfully, and strategically at all times.

Bailey's attention to detail is impeccable and she has the ​know-how to create client SMM management guides and ​other related materials for those clients who struggle ​with understanding the dynamics of today's social media ​presence. I would definitely work with her again and ​recommend her for more advanced-level work."

Social Media Campaign Examples

A social media giveaway campaign I ​produced for an edible cookie dough ​company!

An IT training client I worked with who ​is both B2B and DTC. Their primary ​platform is Twitt​er.

While working at d+d, I managed our ​marketing agency social accounts for a durat​ion of​ time.

Content Writing Examples

A blog post I wrote on How to Marry ​Paid and Organic Social, featuring ​some short interviews from Growth ​Mar​keting experts.

A blog post I wrote while working at ​WITHIN, a performance marketing ​agency. 6 Ways to Advertise on ​TikTok.

Following my first post-grad ​internship, I wrote a reflection piece ​on LinkedIn to share my experience ​and ​goals for the future.

Influencer Campaign Examples

A holiday baking influencer campaign ​I executed for Doughp Cookie Dou​gh with Sydney Thornton (​@soelsister).

An influencer I worked with to secure ​brand partnerships. This campaign ​was for Boracay Skin.

While working with Shey, a huge ​accomplishment was getting her on ​the ​Revolve PR list for partnerships!


Social Media an​d Community Management

  • Develop and test timely, engaging content to grow ​audiences across TikTok, Instagram/Instagram Reels, ​Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, such as podcasts, text-​only posts, LinkedIn Articles, engagement prompts, ​polls and custom​er questionnaires or surveys and more.
  • Draft social po​st/editorial calendars on a monthly or quarterly basis an​d scheduling content across platforms.
  • Work with soc​ial media influencers and bloggers for sponsored​ content and paid promotional pieces.
  • Create, run, mana​ge and report on paid social media ads across pl​atforms, tes​ting various creatives and messaging.
  • Work to find th​e best ways of conn​ecting and engaging with an audience.
  • Provide quick, pre​cise and correct information to answer any custo​mer queries and escalate issues to ​the appropriate team member or party.
Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst
Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst

C​ontent Marketing and Brand Awareness

  • Develop industry-related content for blog posts, case ​studies, sponsored content, co-marketing pieces and ​social media captions.
  • Copy write and edit content for webpages, emails, and ​marketing materials, including SEO-based content and ​research.
  • Produce insightful captions, comments and discussions ​for online communities and partners.
  • Create and optimize content for websites, marketing ​materials, brochures, media kits and rate cards, and ​external communications.
  • Draft posts, finding the best images to match the subject ​matter, and reporting on success of said content over a ​specific duration.
  • Source and research external, third-party content to ​share on social and owned channels to amplify, keeping​ tabs on industry trends, news and conver​sations.


Influencer Marketing and Partnerships

  • Secure and report on influencer partnerships and ​campaigns, coordinating blog posts and sponsored content.
  • Develop impactful content in partnership with influencers ​that can be repurposed on brand social channels and via ​paid social ads.
  • Using tools like Google Analytics, report on website traffic, ​sales (if applicable) via Shopify or similar platform.
  • Track sales made via influencer promo code and report ​against partnership cost, determining success of the ​partnership.
  • Source and leverage up-and-coming micro-influencers (​smaller​, more genuine audiences).
  • An example of some ​of the brands I have gotten partnerships with for my clie​nts: boohoo, GoJane, Versed Skin, Winc, MaxRieNY​, Tribe Kelley and Mejuri.
Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst
Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst

An​alytics Reporting and Strategy Development

  • Using tools such as Asana, Buffer, CoSchedule, ​Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMRush, ​SproutSocial and Facebook/Instagram Insights to see the ​success of campaigns, promotions and organic content.
  • Analyze data and social reports to adjust strategy and ​content depending on what's working and what's not, ​testing new content.
  • Follow through with KPIs weekly and quarterly in ​response to goals set, and laying out clearly how those ​goals were met or how they can be improved.
  • Extensive reporting on social media metrics: Follower ​growth, engagement, reach/impressions, video views, ​and traffic from social media referrals.
  • Research, learn and understand how to improve ​campaigns, connect deeper with online audiences and ​improve/streamline internal systems.
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